Birth: JUDY JUDY MEDIA Inc., 2016

Owner:  Judy Delhey

I started in Marketing in Chicago, working along side some crazy creative gluiness’s, Jordan Weisman and Ross Babcock.  They challenged me to constantly think outside the box. When I left Virtual World Entertainment, I took with me an amazing sense to create something unlike anything I had done before.

My journey took me to Colorado, I was hired on by FOX Sports and again I worked along side so many amazingly talented people. Working with the Avalanche, Nuggets, Utah Jazz, St Louis Blues, Cardinals and several collegiate teams. 

I was lured to the sales side of media, selling radio, outdoor, cable, digital including OTT, mobile and programmatic. I am a strong negotiator. I am a resourceful, ambitious marketer with a proven track record.

We are a marketing and media buying agency. We know media is constantly changing and transforming. We understand how this can generate more business.

Judy Judy Media is a results driven marketing agency that wants to help you grow!